I am so very glad to have found Dr. Ashley two years ago. She is so kind and truly cares for her patients. She is very intuitive and takes the time to listen to you which I have never experienced in a doctor’s office. I made an appointment with her to JUST ask about getting a statin prescribed because my cholesterol count was high. I’m in my 60’s, I’m pretty healthy and assumed that was the common thing to do. Dr. Ashley wisely asked how I was feeling overall and I said, “oh, I’m feeling fine! Well, now that I think about it…. I actually do have a lot of pain and achiness in areas like my neck, hips, and joints. My energy level has been kind of low. I have a bit of brain fog and forgetfulness from time to time. That’s just all part of getting old, right? Of course, my libido is pretty much a thing of the past and to be really honest, I feel like I’m kind of dead inside; my flame seems to have gone out.” Before I knew it, I had tears in my eyes and thought, “I just came in for a statin, what am I even saying”! All of these symptoms had snuck up on me in the ten years since being post-menopausal. I wasn’t even aware of how I was slogging through every day thinking I was feeling “fine”.

Dr. Ashley said that she’d like for me to try bio identical hormone replacement therapy to lower my cholesterol first before we try a statin. She explained the role that hormone optimization plays in our overall wellbeing and health which includes cholesterol, heart health, brain health and bone health. I immediately said yes; I’ve read many of Suzanne Somers books and agreed with her research but I never really knew how to put it into practice. Now, here was my Dr. actually telling me she thinks it will help me! She explained all about the Biote pellet therapy and I thought, I might as well just give it a try, it sounds very easy and maybe it will help me feel a little better overall. It all starts with a simple blood test given in her office. The test results will tell not only your hormone levels but also levels associated with your thyroid and vitamin levels. My numbers for everything were very, very low- I was amazed. Biote also has supplements to take to coincide with the hormone pellets so that your body is holistically balanced.

I started the Biote pellets last April and I hardly have words to describe how much better I feel! ‘Alive again’ is my first thought. Chronic achy pain pretty much diminished, higher energy level, feeling strong, brain fog lifted. AND, I lost the 10 pounds that I’ve struggled with for years and years! My bone density has increased, cholesterol has improved, blood pressure has lowered, and my passion for life AND my husband has come back. I haven’t been sick one time since starting! This is just my testimony that I LOVE to share with my friends and family who share their medical stories with me.

Tina C.

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