Regenerative Medicine

Get back to doing the things you love without surgery!

Whether you are an athlete with an old joint related injury or have a degenerative joint we have some options great options for you.  We believe in treating all of our patients uniquely for their injury to give the best more affordable option available.  Our protocols are not used anywhere else.  Everything we do was created to address several different types of injuries ranging from meniscus tears to ‘bone-on-bone’ arthritis.

We are now performing free consultations where you sit down with the doctor to discuss your concerns.  During this visit we will discuss you and explain all of your available options.

What makes us Better

Most other clinics employ a nurse or a PA to administer injections.  We have a board certified medical doctor performing our injections.

 What is Regenerative Medicine?

Though progress has been made in medicine over the past century, current treatments are increasingly unable to keep pace with patients’ needs, especially given our aging population.  There is little attention focused on treating the root causes of disease.  In many cases, clinicians can only manage patients’ symptoms using medications, devices or surgery, leaving a large percentage of the population living in chronic pain.

Regenerative medicine is a game-changing area of healthcare with the potential to fully heal damaged tissues, offering solutions and hope for people who have conditions that they may have previously been told are beyond repair.

Regenerative medicine itself isn’t new- the first bone marrow and solid-organ transplants were performed decades ago.  But advances in developmental and cell biology, immunology, and other fields have unlocked new opportunities to refine existing regenerative therapies that are now available in a clinical setting.

At Governor’s MedSpa, we offer regenerative medicine options that include various types of stem cell treatments, in addition to platelet rich plasma (PRP).

Regenerative Therapy
Stem Cell

When tissues are damaged or aged, their reparative mechanisms are often not highly effective.  Stem cells, which naturally exist in your body, have the capability to differentiate (turn into a specific type of cell).  They also promote the repair of damaged tissues.  Mesenchymal stem cells are a category of cells that can produce bone, cartilage, ligament and tendon tissues.  By precisely delivering a high concentration of stem cells into an injured area, we can greatly enhance your body’s ability to heal naturally.

Orthopedic conditions that have been studied using stem cells include acute and chronic injuries of muscle, tendon, ligaments, bone and cartilage.  Conditions commonly treated with stem cells include osteoarthritis of joints, tendon injuries, including partial tears of the rotator cuff of the shoulder.

The goal of stem cell treatment is to reduce pain and improve function without the need for surgery.  Studies in humans have indicated that the treatments are very safe.  Impressively, reported success rats are as high as 70-90% in some published studies.

Get back to doing what you love, quickly and without surgery!

Repair, regenerate and Renew for a Better you.