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Specializing in the art of ageless beauty, Governors MedSpa & Concierge Medicine builds personal, manageable treatment regimens.

Anti-Aging and Bio-Identicals

With age comes wisdom…thinning hair/brows and wrinkles. Harnessing youth that dreams are made of, our advanced injectable treatments ensure that age is only a number. With age also comes hot flashes, weight gain, irritability, hair changes, loss of muscle tone, and decreased libido. Governors MedSpa and Concierge Medicine now uses advanced DNA technology we can determine if you need supplementation of hormones for both Men and Woman. We also will be providing Micro-Blading in October!

Laser and Facial Treatments

Revive and replenish the natural rejuvenation of your collagen, remove unwanted hair and superficial sun damage, tighten pores, and improve the overall tone and texture of your skin.

Body Contouring

Designed specifically with you in mind, enhance the way you look, feel and function, with our clinically proven techniques and advanced breakthrough technologies.

Dermal Fillers

Go from dull to lustrous in under an hour! Our completely customized facial skin therapies skip the fluff and go straight for results.