Fire & Ice

CoolSculpting & Vanquish

Governors Is Now Offering FIRE AND ICE Treatments!!!!!

Fire And Ice Treatment is a combination therapy of CoolSculpting & Vanquish ME – so you are essentially “killing” the fat cells TWICE! Once with HEAT and once with ICE!

We are the FIRST in our area to offer this DUAL therapy for WOW results with ZERO downtime!  This Dual therapy can be used for Abdomen and Flanks for this month’s Promotion.

 ❄️ CoolSculpting is a ONE TIME treatment and time and price determined after a private consultation.

🔥 Vanquish ME is painless, touchless technology using Heat to eliminate unwanted fat. These sessions require 4-6 45 min treatments performed 7-14 days apart.  Patients can start seeing results within 30 days but FULL results are 90 days after the LAST Treatment.

Patients CAN start their Vanquish ME Treatments immediately after the CoolSculpting, however we are recommending to first have the 30 day medical follow up from CoolSculpting and THEN start the Vanquish ME.

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