Relentless ME

Are you feeling run down? Worked long hours? Coming down with a cold?

Meyer’s cocktail is just the bag for you! With the perfect blend of multivitamins and hydration this infusion also helps increase immune support, alleviate anxiety, migraines and muscle cramps.

Relax with this restorative drip that can help restore balance to your mind, body and even soul.


On the Run

Too many Orange classes? This is the bag for YOU!

A perfect blend of magnesium to help relax muscles, Toradol which is an anti-inflammatory medication, and glutathione, a potent anti-oxidant, will help you get back to getting in the ORANGE ZONE!

Can’t Wait to Hydrate

Want to get hydrated fast for any occasion? This bag has a Vitamin B1, folic acid, and magnesium that will help to restore your plasma volume STAT and have you feeling energized!


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